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Project Brief

UnaSensors is a series of IoT smart buttons based on LPWAN, which including UnaBell, UnaSense and UnaMotion. Compared with existing version, this product line extension features the network changed from Sigfox to LTE-M for expanding its market. Our mission was to redesign a new one with higher battery capacity, dust and water protection, external connector and fitting more user scenarios.      

My Role

• Form building / CMF planning / Prototyping / Production review / Brand elements creation (Logo, Packaging...)

• Worked closely with Marketing and Sales to ensure design objectives accurately meet customer needs in the market.


IoT was a new domain for me to design related devices. I had to understand the real user scenario while defining a modular appearance at an affordable cost. Besides, as the only designer at company, I was also responsible for all cosmetic quality management and branding materials such as the product packaging that is something I rarely delivered before.   


Design Highlight


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