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Project Brief

NB EXP is about my more than 3 years experience in ODM company before. At that time, I was responsible for onsite reviews to ensure products meet the quality standards set by the ID team of NB brand. Additionally, my mission was to transform the initial design concept into mass production stage by collaborating with cross-functional team members including CMF, engineering, quality, and supply chain.   


My Role

• Form re-building / Prototyping / CMF tracking / Production review 

Coordinated with engineers, manufactures and supply chains to prioritize deliverables and ensure targeted design objectives


The notebook development process is a specialized field with many demanded criterions need to be met. Any improper decision may affect the quality of the final product. In order to establish a nice partnership, I had to keep a good communication with our client and always make sure that we are on the same page while keeping a proactive attitude at the same time.  

Design Highlight

The notebooks I worked on   

While working with HP IDs, I have led the production process for several projects including a collection of commercial and consumer laptops made of metal or plastic materials or even natural wood veneers, also with different opening angle of hinge types such as 135 or 360 degrees.  



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