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Project Brief

Katch is a tracker designed for a Australian rental company to increase visibility of beer kegs and provide an efficient supply chain service through Sigfox network. By attaching to the keg, it monitors the keg movements and adapts its behavior based on whether the keg is moving or still. Besides, It is able to measure surface temperature of the keg and alert when exceeding the maximum threshold. 


My Role

• Installation proposing / Form building / CMF planning / Prototyping

• Internationally collaborated with engineers and our client for resolving hardware difficulties to fulfill production requirements.   


The most critical and difficult part in this project was how to install our device into the keg and effectively detect surface temperture of the keg, even for different liter capacity with various round surface. It also cannot be attached through any solution which could damage the keg such as welding. So, I got a lot of assistance from engineers and had close communication with our client to make it happened.    


Design Highlight


Better appearance interpretation

To have a robust body and visually match well with the keg in a limited area, a round enclosure is created and utilized efficiently without wasting internal space.

Flexible setting up 

Through the concept of mounting brackets and screws, this tracker can be installed on kegs with different liters. Even for other kinds of assets, we can still develop specific styles for it in the future.  



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