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Project Brief

Cell Reveal is a blood analyzer for medical examinations. My mission was to transform this unintegrated experiment system into a simple and professional instrument with a clear design treatment of user experience as examination flow, environment conditions, human factors and limitations, etc.  


My Role

• User experience optimizing / Form building / CMF planning / Prototyping 

• Partnered with a mockup factory to deliver the working model, but without the involvement of engineers.


The medical instrument is a specialized domain with many demanded criterias and restrictions. Any improper design may affect the analysis into incorrect results. For the operation process, I had to truly empathize the pain points and simulate it again and again to obtain a smooth user experience, especially no engineers were involved in this project. 


Design Highlight

Simple but Professional    

Good user experience is the key factor that operators care most. So we fixed the pain points into a simple form which was iterated from operation processes. Plus, applied a monochrome scheme to make it look clean, professional and trustworthy. 


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