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Project Brief

“How Might We Provide Better User Experience for Office Workers” is the core issue to design a new product for this project. My client was looking for an innovative approach that could create a new page of the all-in-one computer market.  


My Role

• Function defining / Form building / CMF planning & management / Prototyping / Production review  

• Responsible for cosmetic standards control and quality communication


In order to develop a remarkable product that could meet client's expectation, I have challenged a lot of innovative concepts such as a thinnest panel, a hidden hinge of stand, and an impressive gold paint. These features were actually hard to control and maintain during production.    

Design Highlight


Hidden Hinge Design 

It keeps its side profile simple and ultra-slim as a minimal artwork since of the extraordinary hinge solution. 

Innovative Integration  

The Qi spot can wirelessly charge a phone without annoying wires and the general ports are placed on both sides for convenience. 


Stronger Brand Story 

The sub-brand artwork at the base is laser-etched on a gold anodized finish with diamond cuts around it to enhance design details.   


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