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How We Work


Go to design development process 

Through a closed collaboration with client's ID & CMF roles and taking direction from them, I was responsible for delivering targeted design objectives and ensuring products meet the quality standards by following "C-System Development Phases"

  • 3D building & optimization     

After our client unpacked their form factor of new product/series, our primary goal is to rationalize it through related 3D files for mass production while ensuring the design language.   

  • Surface quality controlling     

Collaborate with model factory to present a gray model, so that our client can confirm the final outline and surface quality after the design form factor is locked.  

  • CMF tracking     

Maintain the cosmetic standards after tooling start, such as checking texture spec, painting or anodizing colors, stamping edge quality, laser etching effects, even wood veneers patterns.   

  • Pilot run review     

Proceed to review ID/CMF issues with our client for fully-assembled products on the production line.  


How to drive issues to be fixed ?

Regarding to the ID/CMF issue reviews in pilot run, I not only list them for easy tracking, but also define the owner to follow up the latest status and actions. It helps us solve problems thoroughly and communicate well with our client.



Impressive challenging experience    

Among all produced notebook projects, the HP Envy x Wood series is the most challenging one for me. It is an upsell version with the concept of bonding a piece of wood veneer on the palm rest deck. Generally for nature materials, it is really hard to control and maintain relevant cosmetic criterions. I have truly learned a lot while collaborating with HP ID & CMF roles.   

  • How to bond a wood veneer ?     

Basically we followed the process as below flow chart to achieve the bonding target of wood and metal deck:    

wood flow-01-01.png
  • How to control the cosmetic standard of wood veneers ?     

As we know, wood veneers are nature materials with nature appearance that we cannot control. So, what we could do is to list all defect types, then defined relevant cosmetic spec or ranges based on their yield rate.  

wood cosmetic-01.png
  • How to add artwork on wood veneers ?     

To finalize the look by adding a sub-brand logo, the solution was to apply the laser etching process to attach on it. But since wood veneers are nature materials with uneven texture or color, we have tried many parameters to confirm the proper setting for a satisfied result. 


How I create design with value


Keep a good communication with clients and always make sure that we are on the same page.  


To discover problems proactively and provide solutions or suggestions for clients at the same time.  



Track each production stage to keep the product development progress being on schedule.


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