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How We Work


Approach & Goal 

In the beginning, the client and I set 3 goals of blood analyzer for their expectations: 


Improving user experience

Optimizing the operation process, increasing usability and fluency.   


A̶u̶t̶o̶m̶a̶t̶i̶c̶  Manual operation process

Discussed with the client for the possibility of automation while no engineers involved. I analyzed the user's behavior and suggested that making it happen to the next generation.   


• Demonstrated working model

Transforming it with a new look and workable function to be presented at an exhibition.  


Exposure of pain points 

For more context, we have interviewed some actual operators to empathize the difficulties they were facing and compiled it to some key viewpoints to build a clear design direction.


Low security without covering internal components 

Not providing a clear operation instruction to the user 

Unprofessional image reduces trust in the instrument 


How did I implement it ? 

1/ Building overall user flow

Blood Task Flow.drawio.png

2/ Ideating and simulating


3/ Defining the process for a better user experience 

 • Step 1: QR code scanning: for making sure the examination target. 

The primary measure is to make the chip and reagents module be matched by scanning QR code quickly.

• Step 2: Drop the blood sample: leave a enough upper space for a long dropper. 

The original setup makes the hand moving not quite easy. We made a draft mockup with a balcony style of design for hand-moving space.


• Step 3: Chip setting: leave a enough upper space for hand. 

For enough space to set a chip, we decided to lift the door up while none of obstacles in X,Y,Z direction, and we put the screen on the left to avoid it being blocked.


• Step 4: Indicator lights: Checking the stage during the experiment process.  


- Experiment Processing


- Experiment Done


 - Experiment Error


What is different now ? 


Experimental system with NEGATIVE emotional experience


Optimized analyzer with POSITIVE emotional experience



After we had completed this tough task, our client agreed that the design is much greater than the original one and gave me a lot of positive feedback. Although we had some ideas that could not been presented due to the tight schedule and insufficient human resource, our client was still excited to have a follow-up collaboration for the next generation.

“The presentation on exhibition was really successful. We have attracted many potential customers who are interested in it.” - Neo / Manager, R&D Dept.  

“I literally can't wait to start working together for the next generation of product.” - Dio / Deputy Manager, R&D Dept. 


“I found there are some design details are very considerate and friendly that I had not thought of before.” - Lester / Senior Engineer, R&D Dept. 



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